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Ai uses the latest developments in music and media production to engage people in the science of sound, musical mathematics, and motion media.

Interactive creative curriculum: :



Our interactive curriculum consists of Motion Media and Motion Music. Active participation in a literally sense as pupils use their bodies and movement to compose, produce and perform both music and media. Motion music is an engaging way to explore key musical elements of dynamics, pitch, notation instrumentation and other aspects of music. Participation STEMS from interaction.



Since the time of pythagoras music and maths have been interconnected. We use music and media as a catalyst for engaging pupils in STEMS. Taking this out of the classroom and embedding it into our interactive curriculum. From brain waves, to radio waves, super string to string concertos, music history to the latest in technology, we aim to show how important STEMS are within the creative industries.



We believe everyone has the right to be creative. Our workshops can be accessed by all ages and abilities, covering all key stages and educational needs. We use the latest industry equipment but also suggest a number of open source applications so the Ai creativity legacy continues long after the sessions are completed.



Ai workshops demonstrate the appliance of science within music, arts and media. Our intention is to make STEMS relevant, interesting and engaging. We belive a creative mind is an enquiring mind. Our workshops aim to inspire a sense of discovery and creative expression.



We are living in an information age. The digital industries have created knowledge based societies and a digital skills economy. It is essential that we communicate information and create opportunities for pupils to acquire new knowledge and skills using STEMS.



We champion the latest technology and industry equipment. The hardware and software used can be found in the worlds best studios. Our research and development team are finding new methods and tools to work with young people. We pride ourselves on striking the balance between using specialist equipment and open source software.

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