Excel in the Music/Media Industries

#Excel in Business Start Up / Self Employment:

To deliver step by step business start up and self employment advice to participants.

The sessions will encompass hands on learning with related tasks set every session and each section will focus on a specific area of business start up/self employment.

Throughout the sessions participants will be required to reflect on what they have learned and draw up a brief plan of how they will use this information in regard to their own business idea or route to self employment.

By the end of the programme participants will have a step by step guide written by themselves of what action they need to take in order to put everything that they have learnt into affect in their own business or route to self employment.

Choosing the right structure for success

Choosing the right structure for success:

There are different options available in regard to how you set up whether you are starting a business or working on a self employed basis. Social enterprises will suit some participants whilst others will benefit from setting up as a limited liability. This section will enable participants to decided what type of structure will best suit their business idea and what process to follow if they wish to go down the route of self employment.

Writing a business plan and evaluating weak spots

Writing a business plan and evaluating weak spots:

We will introduce our business model to the class and explain the process of how we got started, focusing on creating a business plan and getting a clear picture of what steps to take to become successful. Participants will work together to create SWOT analysis of participants business ideas and create SMART goal setting for those wishing to become self employed. Working together will enable participants to evaluate the best approach for their own future careers. SMART goal setting gives structure and focus to a business plan and enables learners to see what they need to do next to reach their goal.

Taking risks without being reckless

Taking risks without being reckless:

Setting up a business involves risks and reward. Profit is the reward for risk-taking. To be successful in a competitive market place participants need to be prepared to take risks. However there are right ways and wrong ways of doing this. This section looks at decision making skills and calculating risk to get the best possible outcome. Risk taking underpins the whole of a new business venture, from the way we approach marketing to the types of products and services we decide to offer.

Commercial Awareness

Commercial Awareness:

A vital part of running a successful business is knowing the ins and outs of your industry; who your competition is; what trends there are; what is the look and feel of your industry; what affiliates you need to belong to; where you should be advertising.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing:

Having a great business model is only half of the story. To be successful participants will need to exploit every opportunity, understanding how to sell, who to sell to and for how much. Participants will look at using the 4Ps (price, product, place, promotion) and other sales techniques to enable them to promote themselves effectively.

Networking and Social Media

Networking and Social Media:

The business world is all about who you know, what you can do for them and what they can do for you. As business owners we know first-hand the importance of networking. Networking is all about sharing your knowledge and your experience with others; listening and asking the right questions; being interesting enough to enable you to start making connections.

Finance - Tax, Funding and investment options

Finance - Tax, Funding and investment options:

  • Public
  • Self-finance
  • Loans

In order to be successful participants must have a clear and thorough understanding of finance, accounting and tax.

In order to make this information dense area easier to understand and more enjoyable to learn about we will use guest speakers from a variety of organisations to deliver specific topics.

Fine tuning and Presenting your business model

Fine tuning and Presenting your business model:

The final part of the course will see learners putting everything that they have learned into practice to prepare them in the best possible way for going out and doing it for real.

Using all of the information that they have learnt throughout the course they will take part in a Dragons den style business presentation.

Individually learners will need to gather together their business proposal consisting of business plan, sales and marketing strategy, social networking plan, swot, 4ps, financial statements and predictions and any other salient information. They are then asked to pitch their business to the panel for a set amount of investment. The panel will consist of real business owners, entrepreneurs, financiers and funding providers. They will evaluate the proposal and decide whether they think the business is investable at the moment, how much they would invest and feedback any comments on improving the business model.

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