Excel in the Music/Media Industries

#Excel in the Music/Media Industries:

The programme contains a dynamic and relevant fusion of theory and practice offering a systematic and engaging approach to success! All Star #Excel covers all the interpersonal and organizational skills, personal and professional development activities that match the potential and interests of the participants with the needs and requirements of the current industry.

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Our five step programme includes:


1) Excite:

Using common interests in music to build rapport and establish relationships with the participants. Providing an exciting mixture of music and media opportunities this stage aims to excite and enthuse. Our goal here is engage participants in conversation, build trust and support them to share their interests and ambitions.

    This section covers:

  • Music & DJ Technology Workshops
  • Music Appreciation
  • Digital & Analogue Synthesis
  • Film Making
  • Interactive Music & Media
  • Social Media

2) Express:

Exploring how improved communication is critical to success. Discovering how the spoken and written word can be used to influence, persuade and shape their future. Strong focus on the important role thoughts, words and actions play in helping participants communicate their ambitions and fulfil their potential.

    This section covers:

  • Non Verbal & Verbal Communication
  • Rhetoric
  • Creative CV writing
  • Interview Techniques
  • Standing Out From The Crowd

3) Explore:

This stage uses personal SWOT analysis to explore participants individual strengths, weaknesses and personal motivations. Helping them to understand what they want and why they want it, exploring the psychology of motivation. This will be followed by S.M.A.R.T action planning which identifies their short, medium and long term goals. Effective planning creates effective action.

    This section covers:

  • Individual SWOT
  • SMART Action Planning
  • Psychology of Motivation

4) Experience:

This stage identifies opportunities, apprenticeships and employment. It gives participants a chance to apply their learning in real life and working environments. This will cover a number of role play and practice sessions which will provide an opportunity to apply the learning and skills acquired during the previous stages. All Star will make use of its extensive networks to identify real working opportunities so participants gain valuable experience.

    This section covers:

  • Industry Ambassadors/Guest Speakers
  • Roles In The Industry
  • Skills Gaps
  • Setting Up Your Own Business
  • Self Employment

5) Examine:

Exploring participants personal skills, qualifications, experiences and matching them with the needs of their chosen industry and desired careers. They will also examine the employment climate focusing on the job vacancies and opportunities within their chosen industries.

    This section covers:

  • Industry PIN CODE
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Unlocking Your Future

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