All Star Employment

All Star Employment:

Our programmes support individuals to identify suitable and sustainable employment that is shaped by their interests and potential. We establish their skills and qualification needs then provide the support, training and opportunities required for them to seek and secure suitable employment, training or further education.

Our programmes encourage communities to raise aspirations and awareness of the value of skills and the importance of qualifications. We aim to instil an "earn to learn" attitude.

We have established responsive and sustained partnerships with education providers and employers that aim to:

- Collaborate with educators and deliver a platform of skills that allows flexibility, responds to technological and economic changes and prepares individuals for the world of work.

- Work with employers to better articulate their views on the needs within their industries and support individuals, communities and educators in providing these skills and qualifications.

#Excel - Industry training programmes:

Excel in Music

#Excel in the Media Industry

Our programme provides a comprehensive insight into career paths into the music/media industries. Read more...

Market yourself

#Excel in Business/Enterprise

A comprehensive and inspiring programme that introduces the attributes, skills and behaviours associated with success in business and enterprise. Read more...

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