Excel in Business and Enterprise

#Excel in Business and Enterprise:

A comprehensive and inspiring programme that establishes the attributes, skills and behaviours associated with success in business and enterprise. Supporting participants to realise and capitalise on their potential, instilling a "can do" attitude and enabling them to access the information, opportunities and guidance to invest in their enterprise ideas and futures.

Our five step programme includes:


1) Excite:

Using common interests in business and enterprise to build rapport and establish relationships with the participants. Profiling the exciting and diverse range of business opportunities combined with sharing entrepreneurial success stories. This stage aims to inspire and support participants to realise and capitalise on their potential. Our goal here is engage them in conversation, build trust and recognise the rewards hard work and determination can bring.

    This section covers:

  • UK - the land of opportunity - (local, regional, national economy)
  • Design 4 Life!
  • Brand Me - skills, qualifications, experiences

2) Examine:

This stage examines the secret of success, taking a detailed look at successful Entrepreneurs to identity the experience, skill set and characteristics they share. This is followed by comparing the resources, skills and opportunities currently available to the participants. Our goal here is to examine the conditions and actions needed to build a successful and rewarding Enterprise.

    This section covers:

  • Enterprise success stories
  • Recipes for success
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Creative problem solving
  • Seeking and capitalising on opportunities
  • Management and leadership

3) Explore:

Using personal and enterprise SWOT analysis, our goal here is to evaluate participants enterprise ideas and personal skills so they can develop a strategy using S.M.A.R.T action planning to identify short, medium and long term goals combined with a development plan for their enterprise.

    This section covers:

  • SWOT analysis
  • S.M.A.R.T action planning
  • Introduction to strategy & tactics

4) Express:

Exploring how improved communication is critical to their success, discovering how the spoken and written word can be used to market, advertise and sell their products or services. Our goal here is to stress the importance of interpersonal communication and introduce the various communications media that can be used to build a successful business.

    This section covers:

  • Communication theory
  • Introduction to customer services
  • Rhetoric - the art of persuasion
  • Marketing with social media

5) Experience:

This stage identifies opportunities, apprenticeships and employment giving participants a chance to apply their learning in real life and working environments. This will cover a number of role play and practical sessions which will provide them with an opportunity to apply the learning and skills acquired during the course. All Star will make use of its extensive network to identify real working opportunities so that participants gain valuable experience.

    This section covers:

  • Pitch perfect - practicing the sales pitch
  • Theory becomes practice
    (applying the information gained on the course)
  • Practical enterprise project
  • Industry mentoring

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