All Star Enterprise

All Star Enterprise:

Our Enterprise strand helps young people realise, utilise and capitalise on their potential. Here we hope to inspire young people to start planning and thinking about their futures. We offer practical training in job searching, CV writing, interview techniques, and give them the confidence to prepare for the world of work. We also promote the skills, attributes and behaviours associated with enterprise including:

  • Working within a team
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • A creative approach to problem solving
  • Developing a sense of independence
  • Seek and take opportunities


Building relationships by finding common ground and shared interests. Our goal here is to develop confidence, self belief and independence. Supporting participants to realise and capitalise on their potential.


Examine the opportunities, resources and skills needed to create and develop a successful enterprise. Profile the existing climate and current opportunities within the market to identity their competition.


An honest assessment of their skills, qualifications and experience. Individual SWOT analysis combined with creating SMART outcomes and individual action plans. Our goal here is to develop strategic thinking and effective planning, creating an enterprise strategy for their business or idea.


Interpersonal Communication. Confidence and self esteem building; exploring how to use language to build trusting relationships and communicate their products services or business.

Excel in Enterprise

#Excel in Enterprise

Our #Excel in Enterprise provides a comprehensive introduction into the business, creative and leadership skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Read more...

Market yourself

Market Yourself

Our Market Yourself session introduces the various methods individuals can use to stand out in the employment market place.

Our programmes feature a range of theoretical approaches underpinned by practical advice from a number of successful entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on taking the learning out of the classroom and applying it to the real world. This fusion of classroom and boardroom make our programmes interesting, relevant and challenging.

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All of our workshops can be accredited on request.


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