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Our entertainment strand aims to use music and media as a catalyst for change. We deliver music and DJ technology workshops that provide the knowledge and the skills to develop confidence and aid positive self-expression. Functional skills are at the heart of our music and media activities, below are just a few examples of how English, Maths and ITC are embedded into our creative programmes.

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We embed 'Skills for Life' into our creative programmes:

Song writing


Our song and lyric writing workshops introduce how language can be used aid positive self-expression.

Our music appreciation activities encourage participants to use language to describe music styles from across the world.

Music production


Music production is one part art, one part science. Participants learn how maths is at the core of both music and DJ technology. In order to successfully mix a DJ must learn the basics of tempo measured in BPM (Beats Per Minute).

They must also understand the relationship between mixing tracks that are in the same musical key. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), participants learn how the application of numbers is at the core of music performance and production.

iPad Mixing


Our music production software provides participants with an opportunity to learn new ITC skills.

Our music industry activities introduce participants to using the internet, social media and online record shops to promote themselves as an artist or performer.

Informed and engaged!

Our music and media strands can be used to tackle issue based subjects. Participants are supported to research and explore an issue or subject that affects their lives. They communicate their understanding of the subject matter using music or media, writing original music or producing a short film.

This helps to raise awareness of the issue, supporting the young people to be informed and engaged around issues that affect themselves, their peers and their community.

Fun and inclusive!

Our music and media programs can be used to provide fun alternatives to youth and community sessions, lunchtime activities and after-school clubs.

Whether a one off taster session or school holiday programme we cater for all ages, all abilities, all year round!

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All of our workshops can be accredited on request.


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