All Star Newsletter - Summer 2015

Routeways into the Creative Arts Industries

The course is designed to give our welfare-to-work clients the help and support they need to progress within their creative field.

The course is run through a respected welfare-to-work provider and features an eclectic mix of creative individuals from DJs and musicians to photographers, web designers and for the first time ever an actor!

Our most recent Creative Course has been a celebration of culture, combining together our involvement with this year's Bradford Festival and Urban Festival, leading clients to the progression of a performance at both Festivals.

LCC Course - Music Technology

We have been running a course in collaboration with Leeds City College. The course is made up of DWP and welfare-to-work clients looking to progress into employment in the creative industry.

Our current course sits alongside two qualifications, DJ Skills and Digital Sampling Techniques. Clients will leave the course with further knowledge in their creative field as well as the added benefit of a qualification. The current course takes place Mondays and Tuesdays at the prestigious Leeds College Of Music.

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All Star Newsletter - Winter 2015

Music Technology In Primary Schools

For the past few weeks we have being delivering our music sessions in Primary schools across West Yorkshire. Our partnership with Bradford Music Hub is helping introduce music technology to future generations. During these sessions we showcase the future of interactive music technology. Our DJ workshops use a number of the industry's leading and specialist products, such as Leap Motion and The Midi Fighter 3D. Ultimately, our aim is to use music to break through to young people and engage them in motion control technology in a fun and innovative way.

Recently, our work with the BBC Ten Pieces programme has allowed us to fuse an eclectic mix of classical pieces with modern technology. Pushing creativity to the limits we show our pupils how to sample and manipulate music in ways they didn't think was possible. Educational and fun, pupils also learn basic music theory with the aid of modern music technology. Expect high-energy sessions delivered with enthusiasm from our team of specialists, encouraging young people to embrace their creative side. Recent work included a session at Allerton Primary School. The session was a massive success and very well received.

Routeways Into The Creative Industries

Our Creative Industries course through a welfare-to-work organization based in Leeds and Bradford, offers many opportunities. Originally, this course was tailored solely towards musicians and DJ's. Now in 2015 we have opened up the course to many other creative areas such as art, writing, poetry, photography, graphic design, dance, arts and crafts. We recently incorporated a workbook designed to home in on clients' other skills, goals and achievements. The workbook helps clients develop a body of work and build confidence levels - in essence the workbook, on completion, becomes a creative CV.

This course covers many areas on practical and theoretic levels, including the use of hi-tech equipment, field trips and slide shows. We also run a series of events to showcase the talented clients taking the course. Post-course mentoring has recently involved recording the music of various clients, focusing on their product development and promotion.

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All Star Newsletter - Autumn 2014

Business Start Up Course (Leeds & Bradford)

In our last newsletter we revealed how All Star were delivering week long business start up courses across the region. The course is designed to give candidates an insight into the world of self employment covering topics such as creating a business plan, marketing, taxation and costings to name but a few. We are very proud to say the courses have been a great success resulting in five people already signing off to work for themselves.

"The course has been amazing and really helped in my final steps" said Liz Whitaker who is now running her home help venture 'A Helping Hand'.

"Working on this has been very rewarding. Just seeing peoples' confidence levels grow and helping them to really believe in themselves makes it all worth while" said Daniel Bond of All Star Entertainment.

Huddersfield has now been added to the agenda and will commence from October 11th with Leeds & Bradford courses continuing throughout autumn.

ESOL Business Start Up Course

Alongside our English speaking Business Start Up course we have just completed our first Business Start Up course for the Roma community. Through the use of a translator we are delivering real business help and advice to the large proportion of the Roma community who have the desire and drive to succeed in business but lack the knowledge and knowhow of how to do this in this country. We are pleased to report that following our guidance and support we have had 4 unemployed clients sign off as self employed from this first course alone.

"It has been really enlightening to work with the people of this community to deliver this Business Start Up course and great to see the effort that everyone put in despite the language barrier." Suzanne Elster, All Star Entertainment

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All Star Newsletter - June 2014

All Star Training: The Response Project

All Star are currently involved in a training initiative that uses music and social media to up skill and foster professional development opportunities.

The Response Project is a European Social Fund (ESF) initiative led by Leeds City College which supports employees across the Leeds City Region to explore career progressions, reduce skills gaps and tackle individual barriers to learning.

Our staff will work with Small and Medium Enterprises and the self-employed (In the Leeds City Region) offering a range of free training and support. The focus of which will increase employability, work force competencies and transferable skills.

For more information on how you could benefit from this training please email

Business Start Up & Self Employment

All Star have been running a series of business start up programmes aimed at giving learners a comprehensive insight into setting up a business and becoming self employed.

The course covers all areas including business planning, marketing, social media, finance and tax and is run by business owners from a variety of backgrounds who are able to deliver this from a real life perspective.

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All Star Newsletter - Autumn 2013

Lender Conscious:

All Star were commissioned by housing provider Affinity Sutton to write, record and produce a song that highlights the importance of good financial management. The track explored the circumstances of why people lend money, the consequences of not keeping up to payments and the emotional impact this can have on the lender, their families and the wider community.

The song is not meant as a moral compass to tell people what to do; instead the aim is to highlight the different ways individuals can borrow money and the pros and cons of each method. The project aimed to promote the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to financial management and personal finance.

All Star Interactive

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new workshops All Star Interactive.

Ai consists of an interactive curriculum made up of Motion Music and Motion Media. Active participation in a literal sense as participants use their bodies and movement to compose, produce and perform both music and media.

Ai aims to use music and media as a catalyst to engage young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Taking STEMS out of the classroom and embedding it into our interactive curriculum.

From Brain waves to Radio waves, Super String to String Concertos, Music history to innovative technology, Ai aims to show how relevant and important STEMS are within the creative industries. We believe a creative mind is an enquiring mind and our workshops aim to inspire a sense of discovery and creative expression in our participants.

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Bradford music firm helps youngster with apprenticeship

A budding music producer has landed his dream job - thanks to a West Yorkshire Work Programme provider and a Bradford training specialist.

Tom Eaton, 21, has been rewarded for his tireless job-searching with a year-long apprenticeship at All Star Entertainments, based in Allerton.

The organisation, which is piloting the new programme in partnership with employability specialist Ingeus, is designed to help people who aspire to work in the music industry.

"Since leaving school I have applied for thousands of jobs, most of which have had a connection with music," said Tom, of Cookridge. "But the competition is fierce and the whole experience left me extremely frustrated and my confidence rocked."

"I decided my best chance of success would be to follow my own dreams. I never thought the Work Programme would be able to help me but it certainly has."

All Star Entertainments gives students the necessary skills to work in professions from music technology to events management, alongside essential employability skills.

Trainer Alex Church said: "When we met Tom, he stood out as having all the right attributes to succeed, as well as having the talent. He had been relentless in trying to get a foot in the door so we are delighted to help him."

Asian Express - Mixing it up

One Bradford school is backing academic trends by offering a creative course on the art of DJing.

Girls from Belle Vue School are expressing themselves every week through mixing music and spinning discs.

Not only do they learn fresh skills, they also gain confidence through their new found knowledge whilst meeting new people.

Girls aged 11 to 18 can choose to take a DJ module on a Tuesday afternoon at the Bradford school. The students often bring in their own music so they can mix asian and western music, truly experimenting with it.

The programme began three years ago as a way to improve poor attendance and behaviour, rewarding students if their behaviour and attendance was good. However it received interest from others in the school and was developed into a module for their B-TECH music course."Its really breaking down barriers" said Tom Howell head of music at the school.

"Its a true celebration of modern British Asian. It opens their eyes to different music and cultures."

"They are brilliant kids and we have such a laugh while learning new abilities. Some dont know why they love it they just have so much fun"

12-year old Shaista Zamon from bradford told the Asian express why she enjoys the course : "music is my favourite lesson and i really like the Djing module. We get to mix up songs and bring different tracks together. We even put a bassline on a Taylor Swift song!" She added "I really want to carry this on as it helps your skill set for the future"

Qainat Saleem is 15 and has been on the course for three years. "The school asked us what we wanted to do and we said Djing.

The girls are putting on a gig on December 20th in the schools theatre, where they can showcase their new spinning skills to their fellow students.

Alex Church from All Star entertainment who puts on the sessions said. "Im surprised at the raw talent that these girls have. Some are quite shy to start with but they really express themselves."

Yorkshire Post - Youngsters hitting the decks

Young people struggling to find work in Leeds are mixing things up and turning to the DJ booth in a bid to be heard.

Youngsters not in education, employment or training (Neets) are being taught top DJ-ing techniques to help them build on employability skills and potentially find work. Stephanie Reed, 22, of Beeston, attended the Neet programme at Leeds City College for the first time last week.

Speaking about the experience, she said: "My favourite part was learning how to scratch the record." She added: "I want to get some education out of it and hopefully it will help me to get a job in the future.

"It was good and it's something that I want to keep up."

The free, two-hour sessions for 16 to 24-year-olds are currently held at the college's Park Lane campus every week. The course, organised by All Star Entertainment, runs for six weeks and has seen more than 75 young people from across the city sign up so far.

Marc Landish, course instructor, is a DJ at various clubs including Mission and Space in Leeds city centre and the Shrug club night at Love Apple in Bradford.

He said: "I love to DJ and showing other people how to do it gives me joy.

"At first the kids have no confidence but then they learn how to DJ and realise that they can learn anything."

"It's about building up the confidence in themselves."

The course also involves the college's performing arts students and offers workshops in song writing, street dance, rapping and singing.

Michelle Morris, flexible starts curriculum leader at the college, said: "The aim is re-engagement with education, showing them that college life is great and that we want to help them find out what they want to do as a career."

She added: "Because the course is six weeks long, it gives them short, sharp burst of inspiration and it's a stepping stone that they can then build on."

All Star Newsletter - Winter 2012

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of All Star Entertainment's newsletter. Hopefully this will provide you with a brief summary of the amazing projects and initiatives we have been involved with and some exciting new developments.

Belle Vue Girls School

The continuation of an after school club opened to all pupils who have expressed an interest in DJing and Music Technology has seen a real opportunity for the developments in the paradigm between education and learning. These sessions have been within an extracurricular delivery programme and emphasis is prioritised to pupils performing and presenting learned skills to an audience, increasing their enterprising capabilities and personal development.

Global Entrepreneurship Week - November 2012

Leeds City College
A week long campaign in raising the profile of enterprise and entrepreneurial opportunities for students ensued covering 8 of the College's main campuses. This included one to one and direct promotional work and the launch of The College Den Competition which saw a large number of entries and also a real interest amongst students wishing to develop ideas and set up businesses.

Barnsley College
The All Star Team facilitated DJ taster sessions to staff and students as part of a number of initiatives taking place in the week. The sessions delivered in the College's Atrium saw over 200 students taking part, and in addition former DJ Danny Bond on behalf of All Star - gave an inspiring talk to a lecture theatre full of inquiring minds and budding entrepreneurs. This activity contributed to another high impact badge of honour for the College and press coverage in The Barnsley Chronicle. another job well done!

Asian Express - In The Mix

A professional DJ course allowing youngsters to spin their skills on the mixing desk is helping the hardest to reach people in the city.

The DJ technology course at Leeds City College is open to 16-24 year olds who are not in education, employment, or training (NEET's) and runs for two hours every Friday for six weeks.

Alexander Church, from All Star Entertainment, helps to run the classes which bring together people from many different cultures to learn about the universal language of music. Professional local DJ Luke Pompey is also on hand to teach the pupils.

All Star Entertainment aims to engage youngsters in courses they can really enjoy whilst gaining qualifications in various music skills.

The DJ workshops and courses are designed to teach students all they need to know to master the art of DJing. All the current DJ technology is on offer for the students to use and the lessons are taught with vinyls, CDs, and digital platforms, keeping the sessions creative and engaging.

Church told the Asian Express that it engages the hardest to reach people:

"The course allows people with a range of abilities to come and have a go, giving them a sense of purpose. Sometimes people that have nothing to do are the hardest to motivate and asking them to get up and come in can be hard."

Many of the students can also progress onto further education from the course.

"People come into the college and see it is thriving and a great environment to be in and it makes them want to pursue education."

Children with learning difficulties are also enjoying the sessions, expressing themselves through the medium of music.

Bradford Education Business Partnership Case Study

Alex Church is making a talent with music into a self sustaining business.

At 16 years of age I left school with no qualifications and wasn't sure what the future held for me. I recognised I had an innate ability to communicate with people and had to make use of this skill. I have always had a passion for music and DJing so I started to work at a local record shop. In addition to this I did a milk round to enable me to pay for records that I needed to help build my DJ career.

I realised from a young age that I was destined to work in the music industry. I believed I was hardworking and my work ethic was reflected in my approach to my career. That along with a slice of luck resulted in many doors being opened for me. By the age of 18, my hard work and determination to make something of myself paid off. After five years working in the record shop the owner offered me a partnership. By this point in my life, I had an established list of contacts in the industry and set up a record label called "Midnight Recordings" and produced music that had been played by the worlds biggest DJs.

Most of what I had achieved at a relatively early age was done through self belief, having good mentors, knowing my ability to utilise my personal skills which were essentially taught by seeing and doing.

Many successful business people have learnt from mistakes and have been unsuccessful a number of times before getting it right. This is all part of the learning experience. I truly believe you never stop learning.

All Star Entertainment came to fruition. It was set up with no funding, but by building new networks and contacts in schools and colleges in Leeds and Bradford. I had numerous offers of work from all over the UK, however, I chose to build my foundations by adopting a manageable local approach. I am now in a position to look to other areas and national contracts. All this was done by wholeheartedly trusting my instincts and judgement and not spreading myself too thinly in the initial start up phase.

I now run workshops and music production courses as well as events management training. I realise and appreciate how fortunate I have been and believe I have been lucky in a sense to work in an area I am so passionate about. I have maintained great working relationships with people I have met and have always believed that you should treat people in the way you expect to be treated. This itself has helped me along my journey and I believe it will continue to do so.

All Star Newsletter - Holmewood Showcase


Coop Community Fund, Positive Futures & Allstarentertainment initiate online showcase for the talented young people of Holmewood, Bradford.

The young people of Holmewood will soon have access to innovative media training which will enable them to showcase all the positive activities that are taking place within their community and enable them to develop an internet platform for sharing this with their peers, parents and local community.

The young people of the Holmewood Estate have fantastic talents and skills within a range of areas of interest including music, sports, cooking and media which has been identified through ongoing development work within the Estate. The aim of this project is to highlight and exhibit the potential and talent with the skills set of these young people, as well as the great facilities available for the young residents of Holmewood.

Positive impact and involvement

This project has evolved from an existing working partnership between All Star Entertainment and Positive Futures, and now with essential funding from the Coop Community Fund - young people will be given further opportunity to make a real and valued input into their futures and their immediate environment.

All Star Newsletter - Business Enterprise Programme


The aim of this programme is to educate participants to the meanings of being enterprising and entrepreneurial and to explain the key skills, facets and characteristics needed in order to set up a successful business.

Business Enterprise Programme – Engaging delivery

All Star aims to deliver key subject areas from a real life perspective adopting a non curriculum based approach, using music industry entrepreneurs throughout the programme.

Skills and topics covered in the Enterprise Programme

Understanding the different types of business structure, e.g. social enterprise, limited company, etc and legal entities

  • Formulating and working to a business plan
  • Identifying a suitable product or service
  • Research (market / product, demand and supply)
  • Contracts and contractual agreements
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Funding and investment funding options (public/self finance/loans)
  • Marketing and sales strategy and the use of social media
  • Producing chosen product/service
  • Evaluation of business model

All Star Newsletter - DJ & Music Programmes


All Star Entertainment courses are all tailor made to suit customer needs and requirements, we are very flexible and can deliver our courses at our own studio or come to you.

Advanced or basic packages can be delivered depending on the ability and knowledge of the students. Accreditations and qualifications can also be added to any of our courses if needs be.

DJ Technology

Our DJ Technology workshops and courses are designed to teach students all the skills needed to master the art of DJing. During our sessions we use all the current DJ technology available, and can teach using vinyl, CD and digital platforms, using laptops and USB controllers. This covers all areas, and keeps the sessions fun and creative.

Music Technology

Music Production workshops and courses are giving the students all the skills needed to produce and make their own songs and understand the process of how music is made.

Events Management

Events Management courses will teach the students all the skills required to organise and run their own event. The whole process from start to finish will be covered and the option to actually run the event at the end of the course is available if required.

Music Industry Workshops

These workshops are tailor made for students who wish to pursue a potential career in the music industry. All our staff have extensive knowledge in the industry and can give professional advice on career paths.

All Star Newsletter - Summer 2012


At All Star Entertainment our mission is to engage young people in programmes which teach them new skills in DJing, Music Technology and MCing as well as giving them the opportunity to learn transferable and employability skills which they can use towards wider subjects they choose to study, and also within their future careers.

Our current projects portfolio has seen a great interest, participation, and engagement rate amongst the young people we have been delivering to and working with. A brief snap shot of some of our current projects include:

  • Introduction to working in the music industry
  • Southfield Special School – After school DJ club
  • Bradford Youth Service – Positive Futures
  • Salts Grammar School – Pupil development day
  • Leeds City College
  • Lifeline Project

Get in touch:

If you have any questions about our services, or if you want to find out more about how we can work together, just give us a shout and we can discuss your requirements.