Rock and Pop Programme

Advanced Rock & Pop Programme:

This Advanced Rock and Pop programme focuses on artist development tailored to your own specific needs. Suitable for established gigging artists, this includes bands or solo artists, and covers all genres

Qualifications available:

  • Bronze Arts Award
  • Silver Arts Award

Rock Pop Learn

1: Develop

For one hour per day our team will deliver one of the following seminars; Social Media Advice, Press Releases Explained, Developing An Image, Viewing A Modern Rock Documentary. During these sessions our experts will check your online presence, giving you help, advice and technical support to further your profile.

  • Social Media Advice
    How to choose, run and grow your Social Media accounts. This includes slideshow and case-by-case studies of each artist and their online presence
  • PR Explained
    Our PR expert will talk you through the process of creating a press release and one sheet
  • Developing An Image
    In this section we look at three famous acts and their ability to change and develop a cohesive image
  • Screening Of A Modern Rock Documentary
    The group will choose 1 of 3 rock documentaries, watch it, then discuss and analyse the films content
Rock Pop Play

2: Realise

Realise the true potential you possess as an artist. Let's face it - it's hard out there. This workshop finds unique ways to deal with writers block, knowing good work from bad, vocal coaching and the invaluable "Performers Checklist".

  • Writers Block
    Here we show you fun and unique ways to avoid writers block
  • Good Work From Bad
    Sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees, we need a little help deciding. Here we look at your recent demos, live recordings and any current musical ideas you have or require our expert help with
  • Vocal Coaching
    Even if we think we can just walk onto a stage and sing or perform perfectly without warming up, we should all still learn the basics. In return knowing a few basic warm up techniques can really alter your overall confidence and performance to make and already positive experience even better
  • Performers Checklist
    Demonstration of pre gig rituals and back / big stage etiquette that will help you get ahead in the industry
Rock Pop Record

3. The Panel

This is your chance to shine. Spend the day with three Music Industry professionals who will give you a useful and constructive look into the music industry. All questions answered honestly and without prejudice. The session ends with every act playing their latest track to the panel, who will then offer help and advice best suited to the genre.

  • Radio & Marketing
    Our expert will explain how to submit tracks to radio and how to market your product digitally
  • Live promotion & Marketing
    Our live events expert will explain in detail from start to finish how to run and market a successful live event
  • Tour Managing & Merchandising
    Ever wanted a unique unbiased look into the music industry? Then you need to talk to our expert. With over 35 years of experience with famous world touring rock bands, you will find out how the industry works at a higher level. Our expert will also explain the importance of merchandising and how it ties in strongly with your image

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