Rock and Pop Programme

Rock & Pop Programme:

Our programme brings a vibrant, unique and creative angle to the Rock and Pop music industry

Suitable for:

  • Aspiring musicians, vocalists or producers
  • All ages
  • Beginners and Intermediate level
  • All Instrumentalists

Qualifications available:

  • Bronze Arts Award
  • Silver Arts Award

Rock Pop Learn

1: Learn

Find out more about the music industry - expect short, lively seminars by industry professionals on key topics such as Social Media, A Quick Guide To Music Theory, Events Promotion, Management and Recording.

  • Social Media
    How to set up, run and grow your Social Media accounts
  • A Quick Guide To Music Theory
    Master-class in major and minor harmony
  • Events Promotion & Management
    Short fun seminars delivered by industry professionals, followed by a Q&A
  • Recording
    The recording process explained with accompanying slideshow
Rock Pop Play

2: Play

This hands-on practical module covers how to have fun and experiment with songwriting. Participants will write songs and create together under the supportive guidance of our experts. We will also feature a Drum Workshop, focusing on the fundamentals of rhythm. Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments along.

  • Song Writing
    An in depth look at the song writing process, how to combat writers block and finish projects. Students are asked to write an original composition, which will be recorded
  • Drum Workshops
    Drumming styles explained - from beguine to blast beat! Rhythm fundamentals workshop culminating in a percussion performance
Rock Pop Record

3. Record

A great chance for participants to record their own work to a pre-production standard and at the same time learn the secrets of basic production and recording skills.

  • Recording Skills
    Studio engineer training, students will learn to mic and EQ their own equipment, ready to record. This is also a chance for students to pickup a few secrets and shortcuts about the recording process.
  • The Recording Session
    This is your chance to shine. Fun, practical and informative - students will record one fully finished composition.
Rock Pop Perform

4. Perform

Focusing on live performance skills, stage craft, setting up equipment safely and of course, how to deal with stage fright. This will lead to a live gig at the end of the programme to celebrate everything participants have achieved.

  • Setting Up Equipment
    This how-to-guide shows students the correct and safest way of setting up equipment.
  • Performance Skills
    Starting with five easy steps to overcome stage fright, we then move onto the fascinating world of stage craft, focusing on five case subjects - Mick Jagger, James Brown, Beyonce, Neil Young and Amy Winehouse.
  • The Live Gig
    Using all the knowledge gained, all students will perform their songs to the rest of the group, through a live PA system in a small gig scenario.

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