Get Social in Education

Get Social in Education:

A systematic approach to social media.

Like it or not the digital world is here; we need to embrace it not ignore it. Our goal is to support organisations and the young people they work with to navigate the social media landscape. Helping you to make informed decisions by delivering information, training and support that helps to maximise potential and minimise the risks.


The nature of community has gone through a profound change. Digital technology has created golden opportunities to engage, interact and promote your work with young people. Social media is an effective and inexpensive tool to share information, establish discussion and has created opportunities to harness and build on the skills and talents of the young people you're working with.

With over 80% of young people using one or more social networking sites, young people increasingly turn to the internet for communication, information and entertainment. Sure, this new technology has created risks but the potential to engage, inspire and promote your work outweighs these risks. Outdoor Education presents risks but when managed effectively it can have a profound impact on the personal and social development of young people. Similarly, when using social media, safe guarding the risks helps us reap the rewards.

Our aim is to support practitioners and anyone working with young people to safely and confidently use social media platforms - taking young people from being consumers of media to creators of online content.

  • Young people need support and guidance to use social media safely
  • Organisations need to make use of social media so that they can use it as a marketing tool to promote their work and activities with young people
  • Creating content for social media not only aids creative expression but it can be used for the wider social and personal development of young people

The 4 step process:

In order for organisations to use social media platforms successfully, safely and confidently we have created a systematic approach to social media implementation. Our four step process aims to provide you with the information and support that help to create best practice and effective policy when using social media.

Social Media Teachers

Analysis: (Purpose & Platforms)

The starting point is to take a look at your existing internet footprint to analyse why and how you intend to use social media. By identifying the current social media landscape we can decide what platforms to use in publishing, sharing, and promoting your work with young people.

The skills developed in content creation can have far reaching impact on educational and personal development. Not only do you have a product that can be used to promote your organisation but the skills acquired by staff, volunteers and young people can help to create a continued culture of learning and development.

Here we aim to support you to identify the purpose and platforms best used in your social media strategy.

Social Media Students

Assessment: (Policy & Procedures)

Once you've identified how you intend to use social media the next step is to assess any potential risks and to create measures enabling you to safely and confidently use the potential of these digital platforms.

Your existing policies around ITC and Data Protection may already reflect social media usage however our team will work with you to make sense of the policy landscape and create robust policies and procedures that respond to the changing nature of the social media landscape. Our team of professionals will support your staff to create guidelines that respond to key issues when using online technologies.

Here we aim to maximise the potential and minimise the risks.

Social Media Music

Action Plan: (Prepare & Engage)

Put simply social media is an online conversation. Our team will advise on how to create and share content that not only raises your profile but is both relevant and engaging to your audience. A conversation involves both listening and communicating. We will show how your organisation can gain valuable feedback and input from your audience combined with creating and sharing content that appeals and engages your intended audience.

Our team will also support you in creating a co-ordinated strategy of scheduling content. You need to strike the balance between sharing and listening, there is a lot of digital noise on social media everyone is 'shouting' for attention so we work with you to create a schedule of engaging content to ensure you get heard.

Here our aim is to share creative and relevant content that starts an engaging communication.

Social Media Enterprise

Appraise: (Measure & Evaluate)

This final stage involves measuring the impact of your strategy. We must stress this is a constantly changing landscape so it is vital you embed a culture of continual learning and reflection. Our team will give you the tools available to monitor and measure the reach of your content. Have you achieved your original aims? Are you using the correct platforms and what changes may you need to action? We will also make suggestions on how your policies and procedures can respond to the changing nature of digital media making sure you are up to date and in the loop with any changes or developments

Here our aim is to create a culture of reflection that allows you to measure the success and reach of your content.

Our sessions will also support you in developing a positive online environment, essential guidelines and best practice concerning:

  • Building online communities and groups with organisations, stakeholders and your audience.
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of staff, volunteers and young people using digital technology.
  • Understanding the personal, organisational and professional boundaries when using social media.
  • Being accountable and respectful when sharing content online.
  • Understanding how to effectively manage privacy settings on social media.
  • Responding to Cyber Bullying and inappropriate content online.

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