Space To Think

Space To Think:

Space to think - Opportunity to talk - A chance to change

Workshops that...

  • ...provide participants with space to explore their values, opinions and perceptions of life.
  • ...create opportunities, fostering open and honest dialogue around subjects that are sensitive and difficult to discuss.
  • ...challenge participants to explore their own attitudes and behaviour, encouraging them to make positive life choices and useful changes!

Example workshops include:

Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Engrossed in entertainment, fascinated by fortune, in a culture that values winning, promotes power and glamorises violence it seems reasonable to suggest that individuals will be influenced to seek control and power in their own lives.

Whether in the home, school or workplace if consideration is not given to the way we speak to and treat each other, bullying can and will be prevalent.

Our workshops explore how cultural, institutional and social conditions contribute to the different forms of bullying. Exploring the bigger picture is then followed by a detailed look at how our own thoughts, words and actions can contribute to bullying. We highlight the difference between friendly banter and purposeful attempts to control or belittle another person through verbal abuse. We also identify the negative and sometimes tragic effects bullying behaviour can have on peoples live. Having open and honest discussions about bullying not only raises awareness of the issue but also helps participants understand the factors that contribute to bullying, giving them the chance to make informed choices.

>Self Esteem & Body Image

Self Esteem & Body Image

Size zero models, celebratory diets, air brushed photography; the media constructs our perception of what is beautiful, healthy and successful. Today's media has a profound effect on people, particularly women, and the way that they perceive themselves and their bodies.

The media contributes to the objectification of women - research suggests there has been a 60% increase over the last twenty five years in the way women are portrayed; now, over half of women in media are perceived as sexual objects.

All these factors can contribute to poor self esteem and distorted body image among young people. Our workshops focus on the importance of making healthy life style choices and provide young people with an opportunity to openly discuss issues of body image and self esteem.

Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

The cultural landscape of Britain is both diverse and varied. Multicultural society has created diverse communities, diverse food and a rich tapestry of life that should be recognised and celebrated. Our Equality and Diversity workshops explore the essential contributions migrant communities have made to British history, society and our economy. We explore the changing face of "Britishness" and discover the importance and challenge of achieving equality in our society.

Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence & Self Esteem

Society today asks a lot of our young people; young people are expected to study hard and achieve an education and then expected to work hard and succeed in employment. A lack of self belief in their ability to meet these expectations can have a profound effect on young peoples' self esteem and confidence. Our workshops support young people to realise and capitalise on their potential. We explain that confidence is not something we are born with or without. It is a learned skill that can be improved and developed.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing workshops look at healthy eating and fitness as a tool to aid concentration and produce that feel good factor in young people that eating well and exercising brings. We keeps sessions engaging by introducing food tasting, mini fitness tests, quizzes and open discussions about what participants lifestyles are like and what little steps they can take to improve their personal health and wellbeing.

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